Todays Termite Photo

A lot of these under a manufactured home.


Awesome photo!

I’ve never seen them grow up without a wall, thanks for the education.


They make the “Little engine that could” look like it’s napping.:smiley:
They could give the EverReady bunny a run for his money.:smiley:

they sure do love that sandy soil huh

You would be amazed at how many formations like this were present in the crawlspace.

Here in california I have seen the Western Subterranean termite build tubes aprox. 6 inches wide and 3 ft tall soil to floor free standing.

I went into a house in Imperial CA that had mudtubes from the floor to the ceiling. That was before I took photos on every job…

Initally built an upward 8" free form, found a spider’s web, the rest of the 12" free standing tube to the beam and climb up to the wood was simple. Total of about 5’

Hard to tell, but it looks like they stopped at the PT plate, or did they go inside the wood at that point?

They were certainly determined weren’t they!