Todd Young’s “Have It Both Ways” Strategy a Loser for Donald Trump, Indiana’s Future

Well this lasted for less than two days
There is still time to go away… … …


Nick said it’s important to have political discussions. That’s the one true statement he’s made in a while.

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As Tom would say


@rbleich come on back man. Your leaving appears to be a grand expression of “Liberal Fragility”. I for one, and likely others would like to have you in the family. At the very least to be a counter-point or support for other like minded inspectors.

I get it, you do not agree with Nick. He is conservative in some of his view points. But recognize, unlike many other “outlets” he does not censor you. You have every opportunity to win the argument. Unlike Disney for example, if you disagree you shall be cast out.




Could you PLEASE speak only for yourself… … … … … … …

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Richard has done to himself what the left are extremely good at. He has canceled himself. The left doesn’t want to have a discussion and come up with a solution other than canceling.

I do question his character after saying he’s leaving, he started two new posts. This of course is predictable.


Well, I see it like this.

We have two options:

  1. Pound opposing views into submission (or rather into hiding) and hope our side wins thru brute force.
  2. Tolerate opposing views in attempt to either win the argument or find a consensus.

I do not know Richard personally. I can see he is passionate and often emotional, typically expressed thru his frustration. So, I tried on the other shoe and imagined a world where I worked for or belonged to a “woke” organization. I concluded my frustration would be significant.

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The mental illness of Trump Derangement Syndrome is an all consuming, lifetime event that can only be brought to an end by death… … …

No one color or gender is to blame or is blameless. No one culture or heritage is to blame or is blameless. No one political party or affiliation is to blame or is blameless. Selective villainization and victimization will never have any real bearing or footing. For this pendulum will swing and cast tyranny equally amongst all humans. Brian Cawhern

Really Martin, self-cancelled? That’s the most ridiculous application of that term since the argument was made here against attempted canceling. Remember this thread:

Maybe I am guilty of attempted self cancel.

What frustrates me here is the arrogant judgement from others here, not Nick.

Nick is a number guy. Post a few controversial topics, let the nature of man take it’s course, and then watch the analytics.

I think you have posted what three or four in the last two days?

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Funny thing, my Google Analytics shows an increase in “organic searches” to my website in the last two days.

Why do you think that is?