Together, we can change these stats!

[FONT=Verdana]Thi is a slam dunk for inspectors.[/FONT]

There are two identical pictures that will appear on the screen. Over 8000
people were tested to see if they could find the 3 differences and only 19
got it. See how observant you are and if you find all 3 differences, you
are one of the most elite people in the world![/FONT]

Thanks John…there goes another good pair of shorts;-)
You got me, I was getting right into it.

You devil you:twisted:

The guy on the left picture near the barn has two pockets on his Liederhosen, the Haus Frau on the balcony of Bhanhoff Strasse in the right picture is not a natural blonde, I cant’ get the third one.:wink:

Try getting just a tad closer to your screen and concentrate on the boat…

:roll: :smiley: :roll: :smiley:


There are some audio clues too if you have your sound high enough.


I still don’t get it… the water looks deeper on one picture…
I can almost see my reflection in it.

You have to get closer to the pic. Try clicking on it to see if that helps.