Toilet Fill Valve

Some inspectors don’t lift the tank cover. If you’re one of those that does, and you see that the fill valve is leaking at the upper flange, do you write it up?
What harm does it do. The water goes into the tank anyway and shuts off when the float rises.


I lift them all when I can… if its broke then it goes in the report…my 2 cents

I always look and write them up as needed.

I do lift the tank cover when home is on private supply to verify quality of water.

If I notice the fill valve leaking, I would report on it.

As an aside, do you verify if toilet / tank is secured; I find on average 1 out of 2 are loose…

Reported every time. It may be spraying down now, but you never know when that o-ring or washer fails in another area and it starts spraying up at the lid. It is a defect. Report it.

i report it but its left in the body of the report