Toilet guru's

Thought I’d ask you toilet guru’s about this.

Toilet fill valve comes on every so often…maybe once an hour for about a second and shuts off.

What is happening to cause this?

Not a GURU says:Slow leak in the flapper valve. Monitor the water level in the tank to verify.:wink:

I just had this happening after R & R of toilet when installing hardwood in our master bathroom…I removed the rubber flapper and cleaned the bottom of it and re-installed it…problem solved. :wink:

Mike there is a name for people who play in commodes and no its not Guru.

Also check that if it is a chain type it’s not catching on something.

Yes you have a slow leak…somewhere…if there is sediment or rust laying in the bottom of the tank it will cause the flapper to leak…im sure you have looked for leaks in other places…the valve is just replacing lost water…important these days …Atlanta is fixin to have to go to rationing soon if we they dont get a lot of rain