Toilet not op when it rains

I had a call back from a client today that was surprisingly nice about this problem she has.

After heavy rains the toilet in the home will not flush for about 3 days!. The other drains appear to be fine. This home is a 1930’s cape cod just outside of Washington DC. Cast iron and galvanized pipes are installed and appear to be original.

During my crawlspace inspection I found serious structural damage to the foundation and floor system, termite damage, and about 3 inches of standing water. The home is built on some what of a hill where every thing from the upper end of the neighbor discharges along the left wall.

When repairing the foundation wall the contractor installed a large at least 8 inch diameter drain along the wall that then discharges into a sump pump croc. This croc was every bit of 15 feet deep and about 3 feet in diameter that then discharge the water towards the street.

Obviously “Recommend further evaluation by a licensed qualified contractor and repairs done as needed, yada yada yada”. Two plumbers have been out and are stumped, our company has completed over 20,000 inspections over the last 30 years and none of us seen or heard of this. The seller claims it was not an issues before and the home was vacant when the work was completed.

Any thoughts would be great. Sorry for no pictures, this was an inspection from three months ago and I don’t feel like digging through external hard drives for them.

Jeff Broussard
Pro-Tec Inspection Services

Did any of those plumbers put a camera in the main drain? It’s probably damaged and/or obstructed, due to cracks, breaks, sags, roots, etc. Since the new weeping repair deposits more water in the yard, it may be finding it’s way into the drain.



A lateral sewer line inspection is needed.

Only other possible is vent clog.

Good point Bob. My neighbor had a similar problem and the plumber, using a scope, checked his vent and it was clogged with pine needles. Put a goose neck on it after cleaning it and the problem went away.