Tom Leykis Radio Talk Show.... I put the word out about Frivilous lawsuits!

Hi Everyone,
I am not sure if you have Tom Leykis in your area… He’s a radio talkshow host. The conversation was about…A Buyer suing her Realtor since her property depreciated. I called in not only to defend realtors, but to mention that we are targets of lawsuits as well…

Tom was great, he even mentioned… the “mold” lawsuits that we are potential targets for and how ridiculous they can be. People out there buying properties they can’t afford with interest only loans, then become upside down in loans.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are legitimate lawsuits out there, lack of disclosures, etc. but come on… woman sues realtor because her property depreciated.

It was really cool being on the radio, and since Tom Leykis has millions of listeners I thought it was great to put out the word to defend us as home isnpectors as well…

Anyone here the show?


Hi Justin

Any idea is it avalable on the net and where and when . Thanks .

Hi Guys,
Yes… I will try to track it down… I was just on the Radio on Tuesday, maybe he has a clip at the Tom Leykis website. I will check it out. I wanted my wife to hear it too…

I’m think’n your wife’s not a frequent Leykis listener. Particularly on “Flash Friday”…:wink:

Justin! that was you? My husband heard you, (he works in Huntington Beach) he called me to tell me about an idiot that is suing her realtor and a home inspector called in. I dont know that details. I only listen to Tom when I am riding in my husbands vehicle, and I am forced to. My husband on the other hand listens almost every day, he fancies himself a Leykis 101 wanna-be.

Anyway, just wanted you to know someone heard you.

Ha! Great!!! I am glad you heard me! :slight_smile: It was my first time calling in, I was surprised that I got through… the topic was perfect. Even a real estate broker, I do business with called me and asked if it was me, wasn’t sure if I put this in my original post.

And yes my wife is not a fan of Leykis but she won’t listen to any talk radio… We have been married for 10 good years… but if I was single again, Leykis 101 would be my GAME!!! And I am honest with her about that. I tell all my single friends to listen to him.

We need to get more attention directed at the importance of our industry… and I thought Leykis was a perfect way to get out to some listeners, even though the topic was realtors, I tried to state that all of us, realtors, appraisers, and inspectors are targets for frivilous lawsuits!