Tomacorrientes en la Cubierta

Tomacorrientes en la Cubierta.

Show me the english version and I will tell you if it’s correct or incorrect…lol

I don’t do Spanish so if you are referring to the fact the receptacle has to be within the perimeter of the Balconies, Decks, and Porches as previously stated in the 2011 NEC and earlier…the 2014 NEC no longer makes that statement in 210.52(E). It now says :

(3) Balconies, Decks, and Porches. Balconies, decks, and
porches that are attached to the dwelling unit and are accessible
from inside the dwelling unit shall have at least
one receptacle outlet accessible from the balcony, deck, or
porch. The receptacle outlet shall not be located more than
2.0 m (61⁄2 ft) above the balcony, deck, or porch walking

Note: Underlined areas denote changes in the 2014 NEC