Tonight W5 Inspection Episode

I have seen commercials this week for tonights W5 episode that will be starring Mike Holmes on new Homes, Inspections, and New Home Warranty isssues. I believe it airs at 8:30pm, should be interesting.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Thanks Jerry, if nothing else, it will be good for a laugh![/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]BTW IMO Mike is up to something, maybe a new show on Home Inspections.[/FONT]

There you go Mario. You can advise him on what actually is done at an inspection and star in the show.

I will leave that to you Allen!

I missed this, did anyone watch it?

Right here

Mikey wrote a book on home inspection. I assume this show is a rerun and he used the original show to market it.

This show was about 2 new homes here in Hamilton built without the proper permits being in place by the builder. These homes were absolute disasters , they were the subjects of a big write up in the Hamilton Spectator earlier this year. It was not so much about Home Inspectors but how the building department dropped the ball.

I see it as free advertising for us, I am focusing alot on new homes in Ottawa area, mortgage brokers are totally onside with it and CAN promote their favorite inspector. Builders… not so much but if more and more buyers insist on inspecting at various stages it may become the norm. The attitude in Ottawa is “why buy used when you get all brand new for the same price or sometimes lower” I have a few that had me come in 3 times and going back for 11 month inspection next summer, $1200 or more per house in 1 year in inspections. Now if I could land 200 of those this year… wishful thinking I know.

I hate new houses. Maybe I only get called in on the disasters but it usually takes all day and the report is 1.5 to 2 times more then a used home. Leaking windows, roofs, plumbing that does not work properly, leaking sloppy vapour barriers, doors not plumb, curved door jambs that are so bad the weather seal can not make contact with the door, and the list goes on.
Where’s the code inspectors.
On the positive side we should market to make up for the lack of code inspectors.
I thinking of increasing my fees to 750 or more.

I’ll take a new house over an older home any day. We’ve got some shoddy builders here too, but for the most part, my new construction inspections are pretty easy due to the quality of work being done in my area.

There’s one city (not too far from me) that I do not look forward to performing new construction inspections in. 95% of the newly constructed homes there, have excessive issues due to the builders hiring unlicensed/unprofessional contractors to save themselves money. My reports are very lengthy in these particular homes.

Wow, that builder is one hell of a weapon! Gotta love how Mike punches holes thru the drywall to check for insulation and vapour barrier. :roll:
Very unfortunate for the owners regardless. I’ve inspected some new homes that were well done and others that so poor I felt terrible for the new owners.

I hear you Vern, but they buy them anyway right? I think the code inspectors are stretched pretty thin in a boom like you guys have had for a few years. Getting it finished is more important than getting it rght. We don’t find it quite that bad here. I have been in alot of new home this month installing granite and there seems to be no shortage of money in Ottawa. I see alot wrong in these houses too. For $500,000 + it should be better work.