Tonight's Daily Door Prize donated by Read game rules first.

Post your guess of what the final score of tonight’s Rockies/Red Sox game will be.

Whoever guesses closest to the final score wins.

Winner must guess who wins and who loses, not just the score.

If two or more win, the member who posted first (even if he/she edits later) wins the prize.

Do not edit your post after the start of the game, please.

One guess per member.

Here is my guess:

Rockies 8
Red Sox 4

Winner gets 1,000 customizable inspection brochures from

Red Sox 6
Colorado 4

Rockies 6
Sox 3

Red Sox 5
Rockies 4

Sox 5
CO 3

Rockies 12

Red Sox 4

… Cookie

Rockies 7 (win)
Red Sox 3

Red Sox 11

Rookies 5

Sox 11 Rockies 3

Rockies 6
Sox 5

Red Sox 7
Rockies 6

RedSox 6
Rockies 5

sox 8
rockies 6

An hour before game time, get your bets in!

Rockies 8

Red Sox 3

St. Louis 8
Mets -2

Rockies 5
Sox 2

Am I too late? I have not turned the game on yet…Just got in.

Rockies 7
Sox 4

Do not worry about being on time I am going to win.
And I will give you the prize as I already won one today .
, Cookie

I am saying

Rookie 3