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Rockies 2

Red Sox 5

Rockies 4

Red Sox 3

Sox 6

Rockies 3

So of the members who posted before the game started, who was closest to guessing correctly?

Mike Larson was closest with

sox 5
Co 3

Congrats Mike… shipping.

Come back tomorrow, I’ll start another for Saturday’s game.

Hey thanks Nick.

Nice morning surprise.:slight_smile:

My prediction is; Boston 2 Colorado 1

Allright what do I win?:stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations Michael!!

You win a laugh Mario, from me at least .:smiley:

Nichols thanks for coming to NJ WAS A GREAT PRESENTATION we all learned something thanks for all the unselfish work you do to make this a better industry Paul Arthur

rockies 7
sox 5

We have a winner…

Rockies 7
socks 2


It’s ALIVE !!!

I think Larson is still in charge of shipping. He should be right on top of this…:shock:

where’s my cookies?

Hey, I’m the only one around here that gets cookies!

And yo will have to wait until Saturday… :mrgreen: