Tonight's MNF contest: First 20 to pick winning team (San Fran or AZ) correctly win..

San fran


Warner at least 300 yards passing. :mrgreen:

So I guess I’ll have to take 9ers and 30 points.

Sf …

Niners, Lord knows it would be a miracle.

san fran

The last time the niners and cards played on MNF Steve Young eneded his career, OUCH.

San Francisco, please :smiley:

San Francisco


San Fran


what’ MNF?


49’ers! Nope I didnt make the count…

Here come the AZ points.

All gone, good luck all.

Anybody want to trade a SF. for an AZ.------:lol:

I’ll trade one of my detroit lions for your cardinal. 0-16!! Believe!!


Cardinals are trying hard to lose.

Wow, that was as close as it gets. 2.5 yard line with 4 seconds left in the game.