Tonnage for this Geothermal

Does anyone know the tonnage of this Water Furnace 2004 Geothermal unit, is this a 3 ton or what ?
DSCN7272 DSCN7271

3 Ton
036 = 36,000 BTU @ 12,000 BTU per ton

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Did you need the btu for heat also or are you good?

Scott’s got it.

Sorry about the lapse here…

The output is for both sides, heating and cooling.
Depending on where this is installed, 36,000 BTU may not be adequate to provide enough heat for the home. A heat loss would need to be conducted to determine.

Here in Northern Michigan many geothermal systems have electric resistance heating added.
Not that you asked but that provides two things: supplemental heat if the geothermal can’t keep up and if the compressor ever went out, the home would still have some heat.

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The electric works good up here as you know, Scott.

Or mine used a commercial water heater for its emergency heat/back up and it worked great.

Good point Larry.

Certainly other ways to provide back up heat.
Getting off on a tangent here a little but have a friend with three geothermal systems in their home and utilize a boiler (standing pilot) to provide the supplemental/backup.

I agree there likely would not be enough heating in MI. I asked about the heat BTU because for that model the catalog had 50,000 BTU water loop and 41,000 Ground water for Heat output
Many variables involved as you know to reach the maximum output.
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Still is a 3 Ton unit out of the crate.
Yes, accessories/supplemental heat change the equation.

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