Too close for comfort!

On the way to an inspection this morning I almost bought the farm.

A FedEx driver decided to act like I was on a motorcycle instead of the Suburban I was driving. I don’t see how he could have not seen me coming.

It was wide open and he pulled out from a side street onto the highway and was headed for a broadside of my driver’s door.

There was no time for anything but to stomp the gas($4.09/gal) and swerve sharply to the right to avoid him.

I’ll bet he had to change his shorts after just missing me with what appeared to be his nice new truck.(Big Panel Van)

I just kept going. I hope he learned something today like pay more attention before he manages to kill someone.:smiley:

Be careful out there.

Glad you are ok Michael. I didn’t think you could get anymore to the right… :wink:


I’ve been cut off by these guys but I think UPS drivers are the worst,… always seem to just shoot out into traffic without looking, they must overload these guys with deliveries,… and they cant go home until the route is done.
Glad your ok