Too cool!!!!

You want to see what it looks like in SSM On.
Scroll 2/3 down to see.

My virus software warns against this site, stating that "it can transmit malicious software or has been involved in scams or fraud."

Really as this is in every city and I think it is a great idea to bring attention to any city view.
That might be something to do with US and Canada border issues and I am wondering how you would find out about this issue Jeffrey?
What software do you use?

Mine did not find anything wrong with that site.

Here is another to compare cities Roy.

I use Trend Micro Security as my first-layer of anti-virus software. I trust it implicitly as my initial defense, and have never been the victim of an infection or hack.

Here’s the entire warning;

Trend Micro has confirmed that this website can transmit malicious software or has been involved in scams or fraud.

Its better to be safe than sorry .

Anything that is threat to my computer goes immediately to my virus protection also.
I think the same issue happened with Google maps as private information of location was revealed in the road pics. This was squashed out quickly by added security and may be detected by your program as a threat. IMO

I can’t see Toronto missing this over site.

Norton found no issues with the site.

AVG has no issues with it either.(nor spybot)

I use three different tools on my computer Anti Malware, Utility and AVG.
Norton I was told by Top Computer Tech misses allot Michael.

I had many problems with Norton when I used it years ago. I no longer have any faith in their product.

As for AVG, it’s a decent product, but it also lets much “slip” by. I’ve been using Trend Micro for 5 years or so and have never had a breach. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, or maybe it’s actually been working :smiley:

Big brother is watching “you”.

All my commercial customers I installed Trend Micro…great product!
Your quite right Jeff, AVG, Avast are good products but not great! Norton antivirus is okay but not the security suite it`s too invasive.
Hackers go after AVG and Avast as they are the two most prominent free antivirus products available. The paid for versions are much better.
When I used to run a tech shop almost every computer that was hacked or full of virii were AVG Avast and Bit Defender. 9 out of 10 times the cause for viral attack and hacks were porno sites!
Free does not mean safe, especially now when they go after your root files!

What do you mean by slip by.
Been using it for 6 years since Dominic told me it was the best and he was right.
Kevins link has no issues and have never even heard of your security software.
I am online all the time and all over the place.

Never had an issue or virus so perhaps you need to change to AVG.
(no false alarms):wink: