Too hot in Boulder today, so I climbed 13,000 feet with some help from...

…my KTM. Had to jet it for altitude. I brought a jacket.

Very cool. I’m moving to Colorado Nick. You retire and I’ll take over from here. lol :slight_smile:

That suggestion is actually not out of the question. Are you really moving here?

Offer me enough I may after today’s 150 degree attic lol.

Well, our CEO, Chris, packed up his wife, kid, 2 cats and a dog and moved back to Philadelphia last week. Colorado just wasn’t for him.

Sent email to

Chris is still CEO, but he’s Philly boy.

Sure looks nice Nick, were you up at your Cabin this weekend?

Its been in the 110+ range here for the last several weeks, really getting old fast.

I don’t intend to be here in Death Valley next summer.

Have fun, be safe…!

Looks like a great time! :smiley:

Dale writes:

Come on up.