Too many different leaky BA's for some to entertain? lol Grade was RAISED n sloped away

Grade UP 2 crs bricks and sloped big time all the way towards the street, Rochester

And they painted the inside blocks with Drylok! hahahahaaa
:10-- Inside basement, listen to nice lady homeowner, ‘recently painted these block w/Drylok, kept leaking’

Outside, same corner… what is open? Yeah lol, and IT is why the basement leaked/seeped at corner where the bottom of the foundation wall meets the floor, caused the efflorescence etc on blocks
Grade raised 2 bricks UP

Better look at the exterior crack… THINK lol, did you SEE this vertical corner crack on the INSIDE of the basement, on the block wall? No.

So just because Mr n Mrs home inspector or structural engineer etc may not see any crack on the inside of the block or brick foundation wall does not at all mean there isn’t 1 or more existing, exterior cracks in wall or cracked parging or some other direct openings into the house/basement that is allowing water in.

I’d like to repeat that because it seems vaguely important—
just because you may not see any cracks in foundation wall on the inside of basement does not at all mean there isn’t 1 or more existing-exterior-cracks, aka defects in the block or brick foundation wall.

Mark, I need help! I am having daily nightmares about exterior foundating cracks, they are haunting me! Thanks!

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What’s the big deal here?
Ya gotta crack get it filled in!

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lol you REALLY DO need help bro, well that crack is a l a r g e one eh so gonna cost more $ to fill that, holy-buffalo

Finally, a crack where FLEX SEAL will actually work! :joy:

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Little late for this one, Joe:

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Damn Larry, now I can’t get that image out of my head! :grimacing:

Big Mack Crack Attack :nauseated_face: