Too much? Too dumb?

I inspected this older duplex yesterday that had a ton of safety issues. I included as much as a I could in the report that I haven’t sent yet. In the summary I’m writing, do you guys think this is too much or is it dumb to include this narrative in my summary?

"Although, the home, from an observation stand point, appears to be functioning properly with these deficiencies and considering the age of the home and its systems, it is the Home Inspectors opinion, and not a guarantee, that there is potential for each of these deficiencies to present a hazard to its current and future occupants.

Should the homebuyers continue with the purchase of the home, it is the Home Inspectors recommendation that the buyers obtain all receipts of the work that has been performed and that the safety deficiencies be signed off by their prospective licensed contractors."

If the narratives are worded correctly, it is unnecessary and redundant.


All of that would have been in my narratives.

Yeah, each of the narratives explains the hazard. Trying out something new and it seemed stupid.

It sounds like a house where I would use my P.O.S. clause, which basically says “This piece-of-shit sucks so bad and has so many issues that I can’t even list them all individually in the report. I think you’re foolish if you don’t bail and if you buy this thing you’re on your own.”

Here’s how I worded it (members are welcome to adopt or adapt it to their own purposes).

This property exhibits a significant number of noteworthy conditions, many of which occur in multiple instances throughout and around the property. As such, the reader should consider specific items described and photographs included in this report to be representative examples, rather than a complete catalog of all instances of that item or condition on the property. We strongly advise the client to consult with qualified, licensed, professional tradespersons to scope any needed repairs and obtain cost estimates, prior to the end of the option period.

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Did you report the street in front of the home, as it has the potential for current and future occupants, to be fatally injured by a moving vehicle if struck while chasing a ball into said street???

Just sayin’!

This was my opening paragraph that I’m keeping. The house is a pos in my opinion.

It is in the Home Inspectors opinion that the potential homebuyers get significant evaluations by qualified and licensed contractors for each trade for the homes entire electrical, plumbing, heating and fireplace systems due to the extensive list of safety repairs for each system. What has been listed in this report should not be taken as a complete list of repairs for each system but as a minimum of what has been observed at the time of the inspection by the Home Inspector.

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Ha, I see what you’re saying. Point taken.


You can be a little non-alarming

**opinion note: The home & property shows deferred maintenance throughout.
Possible material latent defects & deficiencies may exist

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Yeah I took that part out.
Made it not so alarming.

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