Too Picky

I read a post that a realtor complained that a fellow HI was too picky because he called out incomplete downspouts. It got me thinking what is too picky?

Small leak at water heater
No tracks on closet doors
Roofing paper touching b vent in attic

None of those would qualify as too picky in my reports.

**Damn Brian…talk about picky !!! :shock: **

Keep up the Good work !!! :mrgreen:

Tracks on closet door…too picky…good call on the others, though.

Tell that to the new homeowner, after their child is playing in the closet, bumps into the door, and it falls off the upper track, pinning the child to the floor, screams going unheard as the babysitter watches a movie in the other room with her Ipod cranked up while talking to her friends on the phone !!! Sh-t does happen !!! Do you want your name all over it ???

The leak will stop itself in a couple a months,The closet door is intentionaly that way as a big wind chime for when the window is open,and who cares if the tar paper gets burnt.The rain will put out the fire.
Gosh if I was a zoid I’d call you picky too.

I get “too picky and he takes too long”…
Is 4 hours for a 50 year old 4000 sq ft home too long?


It should take at least that long

Only the stuff that affected the deal was picky.:wink:

G Wiz Your too picky. I note it if all the windows are open when i drive up. Actually i note every thing good bad or indifferent and let the buyer be the picky one. They pick out what they dont like and ask for it to be repaired. If you note everything and explain it you dont have to worry so much about legal action later.

I don’t work for the realtor

Heck, I spent 4 hours on a 1700 sq ft home two weeks ago…and I thought I was rushing it ! (Realtor owned Renovation)

I’m with you Brian! I would do the same.


Not true. I’ve been involved in litigation cases where children have pushed on the door causing the door to pop off the upper track and fall onto the child. The attorneys argued had the lower guide been present the door would have functioned correctly. Guess who won the case?:wink:

Still too picky?

THIS Happened to my sisters kid!!! I look for this because of that incident. kid pushing the door back and forth and then “click” door falls on kid. Bruised and scared but otherwise OK. Never forgot this. I call it out as a safety issue.


Realtors in my area tell me that one of the main reason that my business has picked up is that I tell a story with my reports. Ie: I report what I see, safety issues and whatever else I see. They say that they like my report because it give a narrative and photos tour of the property. This is what I am also using with my Moveincertified program. :mrgreen:


Is that condensate piping?
Going back to post 16 that is not picky that is common place, I had one once that was held in place by the trim around the opening, and another that was secured with finish nails.:smiley: