Too picky?

I am about to put this poorly installed conductor in my report. I had a second of doubt in myself that perhaps I am being too picky. What do you guys think?

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Thats ok for some people I guess but I am more of the “pretend there is a barrier in front of the panel” kind of guy.

If that’s all you found wrong electrically, I probably would not mention it if the conductor was tight. Would hate to have to justify a call to a sparky for just that. Otherwise, what’s the harm in adding it to the list?

Thats a good point. They need an electrician out there to replace a few receptacles so I guess he can fix this up real quick as well.

I hope you’re joking.

To each his own. Thats a whole another topic. I’d like a few more opinions on my post before this one gets hijacked because of Nathans comment.

Are you a licensed electricain? No? Call it out! There is a reason for the manufacturers design. If it doesn’t meet design use… call it out. Period.

No need to yell;-)

That was my initial thought as well. I have been to be wrong though and value the opinions of you veteran guys. I just wanted to make sure you guys agreed.

Future reference… Is it** 100%** correct? No? Call it out.

How the call out is received, is all in ‘how’ you call it out.

For something like this, I mention verbally to my client that it should be a simple repair for a qualified person, but it will definately be in my report as a repair item. I never get the nasty calls when it’s explained like that.

Juan you are paid to point out defects.
Is that a defect?

I am guessing …not assuming what you meant is how you should report it and with how much emphasis.

1)It is the only issue in a otherwise perfectly fine electrical system
2)The whole system is a mess and this is just one of lots of issues

Looking at both options let me turn this around and ask you if you feel one or the other will effect your report language.

Before you answer let me explain something.
A certain percentage here report the exact same way on every item no matter what type of home ,condition,size,etc.
There are also those that may be a little more holistic and see the place as a whole thus changing wording according to a situation which is perhaps where a more narrative style comes into play.

Someone who uses all canned commentary will of course recommend it needs to be reported and an Electrician called in to examine and repair.(it is clickable)

What do you think needs to be done?

You need to think and see that everything is not in black and white.

Personally when doing a $1,000,000 condo which is pristine I report on missing cabinet door pads…get my point?