Too Thorough!!!

I just did a comprehensive inspection, 4pt, wind mit., and WDO for a Realtor’s brother. At the end of the inspection, she shared with me that many of the associates in her office use me for personal or family transactions because I’m so thorough, but they prefer not to use me for their regular clients because I’m too thorough.
I’ve noticed a trend with this broker of mainly doing personal and family inspections, but I didn’t realize that they were NOT using me on others.
So, basically, my reputation in this office is that I’m the best, most thorough inspector. Yea me! But I’m so thorough that “regular” clients may be confused with my reports being so thorough. Boo me!
Now I have to do some damage control with this office.
Any ideas?

reece, congrats you deal breaker you…haha… Seriously you should be proud bro.

Just last wee I got a similar comment from a Realtor. Just did her sons inspection today, actually doing the report right this minute.

From: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Saturday, July 27, 2013 6:51 PM
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Hi Jim,
About 6 months ago you did 2 home inspections for my clients and I was so impressed with your thoroughness and knowledge that I’d like to schedule an inspection for a house my son just purchased. The address is xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx, Damascus, Md. Do you have anything available this week at aprox. 9 or 9:30am? We also will need a radon.
xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx

I have many agents who do exactly the same thing. No “damage control” is necessary. Tell them to pass that same info on to every brokerage in your area and you’ll be busier than ever.

Don’t change a thing. It will eventually pay off.

Lol When you do their listing hit them hard . Just kidding

Great advise! :smiley:

I have inspected many personal homes for realtors. Some of them I never heard of them or met them previously. Some of them I never hear from them again. They usually get my name from another realtor that they trust. Bottom line is your name will get passed on and your business will continue to grow.

No you’re not. :mrgreen:

Have a TOP realtor in KC area. Does in excess of 12 mil a year / Has for over 10 years. 2-4 times a year I get a call from one of her relatives; her preacher; sorority sisters; neighbors; etc; etc. Each time they tell me she rants and raves about how good I am AND tells them to use nobody but me … Even if they have to pay more OR wait to get me. Price / time is no object, etc

What I don’t get is the 40-60 other transactions she does. The 2 guys she uses there are relatively new (under 3 yrs); low priced; short reports (9-12 pages).

Even after 35 years I still find that type mentality amazing, BUT we ran into it 35 years ago too … Just less of it because there was less of us.

Yes the same here!
This is another one I get also right in front of Clients.
I can’t use you because you take too long. 2.5 hr inspection on site.
Some want me to do it in less than 2 hrs so they can spend 1/2 hr discussing with my Client not to pass up the deal and then go for lunch or supper.

Great advice. Thanks to all for the positive reinforcement.

I had this happen and I responded with, “You want the best for yourself, but not the client who is paying you?” The puzzled look on the Realtors face was priceless…I have been doing inspections for him and the other agents in his office, for the last 8 years. All it takes is one to “see the light”. :wink:

It is nice to hear, isn’t it. My same thought though, why not the best for the client??? Doing an agents home this morning because she wants my complete inspection. She claims others just do not spend the time and effort I do. Nice. Did one Tuesday and the buyer agent told the client that I always pick his listings apart, so don’t freak out. Family with three small kids. Terrible and dangerous electrical, rotten floors and supports. Killed the deal, and he is pissed. Why in the world would you feel it is o.k. to put a young family in these conditions… I am so glad they walked.

And whether its with that same Realtor or not, they will likely call you for the next one.

Reece I have an agent that uses me when she is the buyers agent and for her and family, but not when she is listing agent. At least I get half of her inspections.

They indeed did call me. Thanked me all over again for the help on the last piece of s…

Same thing happens here in NC when doing inspections. Problem with NC the realtors get you the business, not the clients. So it is almost like walking a tight rope. Give them the correct information, but don’t scare them. My brother in AL has it easy. All of his work come from clients and there is no fraternizing with Realtors.

I have a brokerage that’s done the same thing…Don’t worry, it’s a compliment.

wow a thread that wasnt taken over by two a-holes arguing!

Had an agent that I had done several inspections with, come up to me at a meeting and say " Bruce, I like you and you are a good guy but you are too thorough and you make my job too hard." I just said Thank you:D
Talk about a stunned look on her face…

Then 3 months later she calls and says I have a client that wants a thorough inspection. I almost asked her what the rest of her clients get, but I bit my tongue. Ended up doing his inspection and 3 others from his referrals.

We have a long thread on this in LinkedIn. All mimic the same thing that you are saying and if you are thorough you fit into the right place as Mike says.