Took a trip this weekend

I took a short trip this weekend. Snapped a few pics that you might find interesting.

Pics 1 & 2. Two 100W lightbulbs on a string of 6. The 12 guage wire is powering some of the bulbs, however about a 24 guage speaker wire is powering others. Electricity comming from a generator, and the H & N wires were plugged directly into the slots of a power strip.

Pic 3. An electrical outlet next to the bed. (Yes the walls are covered in mirrors.)

Pic 4. SEC

Pics 5 The top of the well.

More Pics

Pic 6, interior of the well. Hand dug, 75 feet deep.

Pics 7 & 8. Street scenes. Any guesses where?

Pic 9. My new little friend Saragina, and me. I don’t think she had ever seen a white person before, and was fasinated with my skin. She came up to me and started rubbing my hand.

I would guess either Haiti or Dominican Republic.

New Jersey

Mike, you guessed it. Port Au Prince Haiti. Definitely a different world. No concept at all of any kind of building code.

I was really impressed with the behavior of the kids. They didn’t go within 10 feet of that well. Even the little ones. They were very well trained, and very well behaved.

Mark…I have seen other photos of Port Au Prince. My son spent some time there as part of an international peace keeping force a few years ago. He investigated 2-3 murder cases a day for a few weeks and then said, OK, that’s enough of that!

When I worked in Guatemala, they dug their septic drains just like that in the coral rock. One meter wide and 50 meters or so deep. Two men would work together, one down deep digging and one up above pulling up and emptying the bucket.

They were paid very well but with the earth quakes they lost some men. The ground would shake and sometimes shift part way down the hole closing it off.

Safety was: “Watch out for yourself!”

Pun intended?

Nice pics Mark, I hope you didn’t sleep on that bed:shock:

No pun intented, just happened. The kids were really good, and stayed away from the well. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did not sleep on that bed, but a friend of mine did. He moved it away from the wall so he didn’t inadvertantly touch anything.