Took the FL Exam Friday

Ben Gromicko, I took the FL state exam this past Friday and got a passing grade overall (88%). But, I failed the exam due to the WDO (46%). What is very upsetting is that in the 120-Hour Pre-Licensing Course for Home Inspectors in Florida, the list of 20 courses needed for the FL requirements through InterNACHI, and through the schooling I did online (with another HI online school/training), there was not one course added in the curriculum for interNATCHI or the other schooling, that needed to be taken for WDO for FL. I worked/studied to pass the final exam of the other schooling, but felt I needed more. So, I used InterNACHI for a more in-depth studying (VERY helpful, more than I expected) in prep for the FL state exam. And again no curriculum or course for WDO in the FL outline. I didn’t even give it thought to study for, seeing how it was not in the course outline for FL. If there are going to be questions in a state exam then it should be added to the prep for that exam. Is there something in the outline for FL that I missed?
When I talked to the proctor about it, he said to me he knows it wasn’t in the requirements but it is a suggested area to study. Now, I have to wait 10 days to take it again, because he is going on vacation and I have to bring and pay him 100$.

It’s plain as day.


Happy studying, Edward! You got it! :smile:

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i missed that completely.
Do you know where and what to study for Environment. This was one areas that had a passing grade, but was high enough for my liking?

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I do not Edward. Best of luck with the exam!

So which is it, did you pass the state exam or fail it?

Good luck with the next go around. From what I have been told the state exams differ on content vastly. At least you now have a solid idea of what to expect for the Florida exam and should be able to nail it! Fingers crossed for ya!

PS… BE THRILLED WITH THAT 10 DAY WAIT. Fail in North Carolina and it’s a mandatory 6 month wait…

Welcome Edward

When you pass the exam. Just remember one thing. And I’m not snatching on your chain.
I will be here to help you. This I promise you from the bottom of my heart. Really! If you don’t believe me give it a try.

Roy, thanks for the support! I will take you up on that.

Helpful hints for New Inspectors.pdf (230.1 KB)

Check this out…may be of help once you get licensed.

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Thank you for this, Very helpful!