Top 10 Inspection Industry Innovations of the Decade.

Top 10 Inspection Industry Innovations of the Decade.

really, very nice! Good article!

Thanks Nick & iNACHI.
Happy New Year.

Fun looking page.
Wish I could go back in time and do these with pencil and paper like the old timers.

You still can Bob…

This one’s from 6 or 7 years ago or more… not sure.

Yep, Doctors got nuthin’ on Home Inspectors when it comes to penmanship! :wink:


I was probably trying to print clearly.

I included myself in that statement. Always was easy to read at the beginning of the report, not so much as each page was turned.

Nice job Nick.

We still have a guy up here in NorCal using that same report

Absolutely brilliant article, Nick. Happy New Year to all my fellow Internachi members and associates. Best wishes for a great year.

He He… There is a guy named Spaceman that does those on his sample reports in Chicago.
Has to take guts to show it off.
Is that Matrix?

Thanks!! Happy New Year!!!

Classy! Thanks.

Benchmark report.

Didn’t know you could still get 'em… just looked. You still can. I may switch back :slight_smile:

Paul’s competition is still using 'em… why not!