Top 5 Problems with Smart Home Tech

The Top 5 Problems with Smart Home Tech and How to Troubleshoot Them - InterNACHI

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The real top problem is that these devices allow spyware to run on your network.

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Yeap. Which is why I don’t see me installing any in my home in the near future, if ever.

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Smart Home.

OK I’m now in.

Now running Alexa, wifi connected cameras, controlled outlets, garage door monitor and mart TVs.

They got me :wink:

Back in the late 80s I traded a piece of equipment for a GE Homeminder. It hooked up to your television and displayed a representation of a home and various rooms. It was a carrier current system that would impress a digital signal on the house wiring and turn on lights and appliances that were equipped with the correct module. It also had a remote and a phone line connection so you could call (no cell phones at that time) and turn on lights, coffee pot, what have you by the phone. Garcia (can’t remember his first name) designed a similar system you could build and printed it in “Circuit Cellar” about the same time.

It had a Z80 processor and a lot of glitches. still have a few of the modules (radio shack sold them) but the GE unit died years ago. My son got me an Ecobee thermostat so now I can change the house temp. from my cell behind my wifes back. Whoopee!!!

Jerry Garcia! or is that the Grateful Dead?

Steve Ciarcia! Definitely Steve.