Top Mount Log Lighter?

Is what I am looking at here a top mount log lighter on a wood fire insert?

Was that the flue?

I don’t believe so. I had those on a wood stove a few houses back but can’t remember what they’re for.

Maybe a reburning of the smoke?..just a guess


Keep in mind, you have a ‘Wood Stove INSERT’ and not a fireplace, so looking at it as a wood stove… these are considered “Secondary Burn Tubes”…

Types and Anatomy of a Woodstove -


Thanks! Great article that explained the secondary burn. Learned something new. Going to save it for future reference.

I removed the baffle plate that was resting on top of the the secondary burn tubes trying to get a better look. After reading the article I guess I am surprised that the baffle plate wasn’t dirtier from use. Maybe due to the air wash. But I suppose could be due to lack of use or the homeowner could have removed it not knowing.

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Thanks Jeffery, I just ran into this exact thing on Saturday. I have subsequently sent an email to the buyer explaining what the heck we were looking at.

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