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Hello all I am new to this forum and have a few questions. First I will start by saying that after several months of careful consideration I am wanting to start a business in HI. I am from North Alabama and havent been able to find any internachi chapters. My biggest question is could you give me suggestions on a online school to attend? I know experience is everything and I plan to shadow several HI to gain real knowledge/education. I have seen several schools and prices are all over the board but after much reading I have found Kaplan to be recommended more times than any other. However can joining Internachi give me the same education and certifications that Kaplan or any other can? And I am not referring to continuing education as I know Internachi has great reviews for that, just referring to the initial online school. I want to take the right steps that gives me the best knowledge and experience. But it all has to start with getting certified and I do not have any HI experience so I should start with the online school first right? Thank you for any help and I look forward to spending much time learning from you guys.

Join InterNachi, and take the online courses.

I checked out all the schools last year and InterNACHI is hands down the best. Look here to get the licensing requirements for Alabama.

Good luck.

I went to my state mandated school here in Nevada and didn’t learn anywhere near what I’ve learned utilizing the classes here. It is unbelievable that they are able to offer all of these really good and informative classes to all its members. The state approved school I went to was nothing more than a 1300 dollar diploma mill.

I am still an applicant and have only been learning a few weeks but I have to say that having been to other schools and having degrees in other areas, the content and coverage provided at InterNACHI is hands down some great education. I am currently on information overload due to my own fault. I read all weekend. I paid my 1st $49 near the end of last month and I definately got my money’s worth already. Join InterNACHI

Internachi bought Kaplan

What’s the average time it takes to finish the classes at InterNACHI? I know several factors can affect the answer, how much time a day you work on it,etc, but is this typically a 2 week time frame or 6 months. I guess to help with a answer I am looking at spending 2-3 hrs a day until I finish. And then I plan to find some mentors to do ride alongs. Is this the best path to take?

Also I going to sign up for InterNACHI next week and where I live I have satellite internet so data usage is a issue, no other options on high speed internet. Is the classes mostly video or can I download them and watch them without streaming?

With regard to how much time our courses take to complete: Everyone goes at their own pace. This is a the big advantage of online courses.

As for satellite, you’ll have no issues.

How can I find a local InterNACHI chapter? Is that something that I can only find out by joining? I have searched but no luck. I am in the Decatur Alabama area.

Let me point out that in Canada, probably the very best Home Inspection School has been given at VANIER COLLEGE, for the last 15 years by Rick Cartmel, our InterNACHI-Québec Treasurer and one of Canada’s best and most experienced inspectors! As of September, we’re offering French language courses as well at Vanier and that has a lot of competing associations’ nose out of joint!

Just watch us!