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Joe, Just a note to say thanks for the cont… ed info provided by other orgs

The leadership of this org is often quick to blast, other orgs for whatever,
From responses here and discussions with other inspectors , I get the impresion that a lot of new nachi guys get the perceived idea [from statements made by nachi leadership??] that the members of other orgs are the big bad wolf and are trying to put them out of business even before they get started

I feel the bottom line to being successful for new and established inspectors in this bus is cont.. ed along with the time between courses with inspectors sharing valuable insp and marketing info, that more often than not info that they would not share on a public forum

Separating the differences between the orgs and sharing cont.. ed class info helps all that want to excel,

Now can I do a AZ ASHI cont.. ed plug ?

I haven't figured out to post the info here but a action and info packed 2 day cont... ed is scheduled for Sept 24-25 info is listed at www.azashi.org