Torch down found in attic

60 year old home, trusses have been added over a flat, torch down roof at some point. From what I can tell the torch down was never removed. I know this is not best practice and have never seen it before. I’ll recommend further evaluation by a qualified contractor and make necessary repairs as needed.

Anyone else seen this kind of good ball set up before? The attic had ridge vents and some soffit vents but I could not tell if the old flat roof set up had any sort of ventilation…

The old flat roof does not need ventilation anymore. Usually the overhangs are removed and blocked off for siding up to the new ventilated overhang. Best practice is to remove the old roofing, but not required in all locations. I have done several of these pitched roof conversions and I don’t see anything wrong here. What are going to recommend exactly?

I told them I was unsure about this set up and i would check into it. I thought removing the torch down would have been the way to go originally. The only concern I could think of at this point is that the is no ventilation between the living space and torch down in the attic. Potential moisture issues?

Inspected a few like this found no concerns as attic was only accessible from out side and was ventilated well.

No concerns air from home did not get into the attic.

I live near you and have seen at least 3 like this. Found no issues with the ones I inspected.

Looks like one of my jobs from my contracting days.

In Minnesota its not uncommon to install pitched trusses over the parapet walls and insulating over the roofing.

Thanks guys.