Tornado Safety and Inspection. Another inspection article from InterNACHI.

Tornado Safety and Inspection.

Nice Nick, thanks.

An error to correct:

Last I heard, there is no “6”.


Granted, I have only lived in (Southern) Minnesota for six years, but I have never seen, heard, or experienced this, and I deal with multiple tornadoes every year. Perhaps changing to: “where tornadoes oftentimes travel Northwest”, or “such as in Northern Minnesota” (BIG geographical difference), or some other such clarification.

I know it may seem nit-picky to many, but to those in tornado prone areas, it is serious business, and I wouldn’t want to mislead people. Besides, this is a Myth vs Fact section of the article.


We do not have tornadoes here but it is a very well written article.
F6 according to the movie TWISTER is the finger of God.

There are 6 classifications, EF0 - EF5…

Yes there are, but that’s not what it says…

Ratings go from “F0 to F5”. There is no “F6”.

Fiiiiine yes that was a typo, good job folks.

I thought it was like turning your amp up to 11… :slight_smile: