Toronto Convention 2007 Update!!!

After a week of meetings and several phone calls and e-mails later, we have aggressively moved forward in the planning and organization of the National Convention for 2007.
The Holiday Inn Select has graciously agreed to block enough rooms to accommodate all the guests for the convention, if the guests exceed the hotels limit, they have worked out details with a neighboring Hotel.
Also, the hotel will be providing a shuttle service to and from the convention centerer every hour throughout the day to ensure that all guests are provided transportation, at no cost to the guests.
Thanks to Margaret Golynski, Association Sales Manager, who has spent, and will continue to spend, many hours making sure that this event runs as smoothly as possible.
With regards to the Toronto Congress Centerer, we have tentatively booked over 130,000 sq/ft of space, to ensure that all participating vendors, and guests, will have adequate space to showcase their products.
We have arranged a centering service to provide all the vendors and guests with food and beverages throughout the duration of the convention.
There is a food Pavilion located in the hall that will be open throughout the entire event.
Thanks to Sue Torrance, Sales Manager of the Toronto Congress Centerer, who has been, and will continue to, be working very hard to ensure that this event will run as smoothly as possible.

With regards to vendors, we have been contacted by close to 50 already, and are booking speakers as well.
So guys, you need to get on board, this is going to be BIG, do not miss out, we are giving you plenty of advanced notice!!!
As more information becomes available, we will ensure that you are filled in.