Toronto " NACHI Convention"

How many of our U.S. members will be attending? How many Canadian members?

So far I have more US people signed up and paid for the Convention than Canada Members. I have a lot of people coming from OH, NY, MD, NJ, PA. Lisa and I have sold 56 booths and still have a lot more vendors who are interested just haven’t paid yet.

I wanna go, but have not found a place to sign up yet.

Will… Bottom of (page 2).

Great Will I will be there and look forward to shaking your hand .
We have had many great conversations and it will make my day to meet you in person
Roy Cooke

I’ll be there.

I’ll be there with Keith.

I’ll be here in Spirit Lake, running this every Fri & Sat, May - Sept;

Sorry, see you at the next WINTER convention!

Just a suggestion, Nick.

Why not put the registration at the FREAKIN’ TOP of the page? :mrgreen:

Hope this helps;

C’mon Will… even you know why the call for action comes at the end.