Toronto World Marketing Tour

I just came hme from the Toronto Edition of the World Marketing tour with Nick Gromicko as the Speaker. I’ve been to many conferences… and many of them are boring! This one was different. Nick is a very passionate and natural speaker. He was able to hold my attention the entire time. I hope to see Nick more often in the future and pick his brain for more of his ingenious ideas and stealing some of his forward thinking thoughts. Thanks Nick hope to meet again soon.

P.S. if you want any of my Facebook and Twitter marketing tips give me a call, I’d be happy to be a guest speaker on your Canadian tours.:wink:

Hi Jim, it was a good, night, nice to meet you. Nick is a great speaker, very knowledgable, would encourage all to attend any of the tour dates they can get to.

Kathleen, it was great meeting you. I love your accent.

Quite liked yours too Nick :smiley:

It was great to finally meet you.