Total AMPS in a panel

When inspecting an electrical panel do you add up the total circuits and compare them to the service?

I already know what to do for a standard inspection, for clarification, Im trying to gauge if any other inspectors go beyond the SOP in this area as something extra to offer clients.

For example no electrical circuit should sustain loads of more than 80% the maximum capacity. but do you call this out as a defect or even check to find a panel that has enough circuits and amps to add up to 200amps and the service is only 100 amps

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no, it is normal for a 100 amp panel to have breakers add up to 200 amps.

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No that is not the way it works… There are very few loads in a home which aren’t intermittent duty, which means not all of the circuits are supplying 80% of their rated load at any one time.

Adding up the CB amp rating would be a waste of time. The only proper way to determine if the panel is overloaded is by performing a load calculation. Also the 80% rule is for continuous loads. A circuit breaker can be loaded to its full ampacity for non-continuous loads. Most loads in a dwelling are non-continuous.


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