Total solar eclipse coming August 21st

Think we will go visit my Mom in Charlotte and to see it.
These stamps are really cool they are black when they are cold and you can see the moon when they are warm.

Thanks Dave good info

I’ve been planning for this eclipse for a long time, I finally settled on the Boise, Idaho area.
I’ll be there for about a week, it’s a cool town and beautiful country around there.
Most importantly it’s super dry that time of year so the chance of cloud cover on eclipse day will be minimal.
Day of the eclipse I’ll have to drive about an hour north to be in the center of the path. :cool:

Cool we were just talking about the weather, hoping not to have to drive several hours to get to somewhere without cloud cover. Looks like Columbia (about an hour south of Charlotte is in the path. Hmmm got a good friend in Columbia. :smiley:

Good time to visit Wyoming again. It’s been a while since we had a solar eclipse.

Yup, it’s been decades since we had one in the mainland US.
After this one we will have another in 2024.

Well… that was COOL!!! :lol: We ended up just east of Nashville as a cloud bank moved over Nashville about noon.

I’m guessing Horseshoe Bend or Smiths Ferry area? That would have put you pretty close to where we were. Here are a few pics from our day.