Total Under Roof or Under Air

Just wondering if you base the homes square footage by sqft under roof or sqft under air when quoting a price.

We are basing our prices on square footage under air, but are thinking about charging based on the under roof square footage.

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I look at it both ways “after” I get the listing. Some house designs have huge areas that must be inspected (6-7 attic spaces under gable) that are not counted as livable space.

If the house is square all the way up but 1/2 of the second floor is not counted…

I base it on living area listed in the MLS.

For me … Length X width X height = total

Frank, that is cubic feet, ha. ha…

Do you have a price for that?
Man, I need to start looking for homes with ten foot ceilings. :wink:

Marcel :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Hi Marcel! :smiley:

Yes I am aware that this is cubic feet! But I do believe that this is the “total” of the home.

v Some “heating & cooling” guys would agree with me. :smiley:

No I do not base my prices on cubic feet. I base it on several factors;

  1. Square footage.
  2. The age of the home.
  3. The number and type of the systems involved.
  4. The distance from my office to the job site.
    And sometimes ………… The “personality” of the person calling me. If they are demanding, ugly, or rude my price suddenly becomes unaffordable.:wink:


Thanks Frank;

I like item 4 myself.
I think that is why I keep my day job. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink: