Totally different Daily Door Prize donated by Mike Holt.

Electrical Formulas with Sample Calculations

First member to reply to this post wins.

Still open.


Kick Todd out…good move.

I can use one of the NACHI Pocket Books…

Still open…

I’ll try

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Rob wins!

Rob… you are not showing up on the message board as a member… see

Interesting. I read this board often. It contains great information. The daily door prizes go fost…60 seconds. I have been watching Nick hit all the forums tonight with prizes. I actually went to to see how much it would cost to but his books. I am also real interested in the NACHI pocket guides. Maybe someday. Have a good evening all. Rob Durham

Unbelievable. Thank you Nick. I will clear up the confusion.

Lets try now.

Here…use THIS link to buy MIKE’s STUFF -

Thank you Paul.

Wild web site. That’s really cool.

I am in. Nachi IT staff is very efficient and I found the spell check. Thanks for the book Nick.

how can i win one of those pocket book ?
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