Tough job but someone has to do it

Got a call as a result of my presentations where I referenced my self as the shower pan terrorist. This college Frat house had 57 young ladies residing and one bathroom was out of commission due to a leak one drain line leak this bathroom was on the second story and when I raised the water level up to two inches water just poured everywhere downstairs. Had three shower stalls and two were leaking and one was iffy. Basically did not need the IR camera but that was what I was hired for so that is what I will charge for.:D:D

Good job Charley!! Now let’s see the photos of the ladies!!:wink:

I was going to offer, that you should give a discount, if you can photograph
while the shower was being used…after all, you really have to see it in action, to properly ascertain the problem. :wink:

Frat house with 57 women living in it?

Frats seem to have changed quite a bit from when I went to school

Yep, Fraternity = Boys, Sorority = Girls.

Yeah that kinda raises the eyebrows when some dude walks in with cameras hanging every where

ok ok ok :d:d