Tough old coot

Most of you think I’m 25 years old or something. I’m actually 43. I’m in more pain than ever before even though I sit in a chair and program all day long. My body is WRACKED in pain. Back…legs…arms.

You guys…the ones who are in the field doing inspections…MY GOD…I respect you guys. How y’all “keep on keepin’ on” is beyond me. You inspectors are tougher than nails, and I respect that more than you can imagine.

I admire what you inspectors do for a living. You have my utmost respect. Seriously. You guys are my heroes…smart…sharp…and ya’ll never give up. Friggen Samurais is what you guys are. Disciplined with a razor-sharp edge.

If there was ever a group of people to follow for their exampleship of leadership, it ain’t the post office that’s for damned sure. It’s real estate inspectors.

Thank you all for your tenacity and balls. Inspectors are a rare breed. Tough as nails, ceramic, platinum…whatever. Tougher than me.

Hooah. My hat is definitively off to you guys.

Jeez…you guys are tough.

43 is still young.
Wait till you hit 50.

Stay in shape now while you can as it will effect the future.

Hey wait a minute Bob, I think he’s being facetious …

LOL wait till you roll over to 58 .

My goal is to be done climbing and crawling by the time I hit 50.

I am stuck on the couch right now. Can’t sit up, can’t walk, can’t lay down, and can’t bend. Apparently, I pinched my sciatic nerve in my sleep. Moving at all makes my eyes tear up, and I want to throw up from the pain.

The only 3 CMI’s in KC are all over 64, and still doing inspections. Young guys will never keep up with us. I have had many young people who want to become HI’s, quit after attending 5 inspections with me. No one lasted past the 5th one.

I remember 50 Bob.

What’s your name again? :wink:

You are the greatest ,it is obvious they can not stand the pace ,You save then much money and time.
I mentored about thirty wish to be home Inspectors three are doing very well and most left the industry after a few trips.

Young people today do not know what real work is.

If I were a Senator, I would create millions of jobs just by mandating home inspections. The average home needs $3K in repairs. There are millions of homes for sale. The owner pays for the repairs, gets a higher price when the home sells, and the buyer gets a high quality home. People get jobs, work as their own boss, pay state and fed taxes, REA’s get better commissions, mortgage companies get all the business they can handle, and then these repair persons then can by their own homes.

It is a win, win for all. But, since it is my idea, this will never happen.

People today can paint, wallpaper, mow grass, do landscaping, light home repairs, fix windows, etc. Unless they are all lazy and want to continue to get all the government free stuff, such as food, cell phone, housing, etc.

It is all the government’s fault that the economy is the way it is.

Amen brother.

So you think their mandates are the way to fix things?

I said wait till he hits 50 not that I am.
Actually started inspecting right around then and will be doing it till I retire most likely .

Why stop then?

Do it until its not fun anymore.

You can decide how much you want to inspect.

This is my third career, Navy pilot 28 years; Defense contractor for 9 years (DC area), and started as a home inspector when I was 60 (2012) I love it. Sometimes the crawl spaces and attics get a little small and tough for a 6’5" 250 LB guy, but I wouldn’t trade this for all that B.S. in DC anytime soon.

Jim Campbell