Tough roof

This one made me pucker but could not see what I wanted to see from the ladder/drip line Just suck it up Billy B and do it. :wink:

Nice…Good choice on ascension point…with the valley and overhang.

Was the ridge cap damage from hail?

How was that siding on the dormer looking, sitting on the shingles with battens sticking out and flashing hard to see? :slight_smile:

Still, be careful!

Charley, what’s your point? That you couldn’t walk the steep part? It wasn’t very high off the ground. So what’s your point?

Could not see people at the pool…lol


How did you know what my middle name is;-) yes the ridge cap had some hail damage and chimney cap was cracked just had some problems I did not feel comfortable with not getting up close and personal. Shingles were 14 years in age and I estimated a remaining 10 to 12 years remaining life short of a hailstorm. Ya know most prudent home buyers understand in Oklahoma that a brand new set of shingles will only last as long as the next good hail storm

My point was on that pitch ya take two steps forward and slide one back takes a while to get to the upper ridge cap:D

Looks like a breeze to me!
Someday I’ll come down thar’ n’ show yawl country boys how it’s dun! :cool:

Come on down big boy and teach me I am always willing to learn. That will be me behind door # 3 the guy with the red hat;-)

Charley, if you’re good and confident at walking roofs, more power to you. I am too. But you shouldn’t make guys who don’t have that confidence feel like they should try to walk roofs that they are afraid to walk.
If you’re really experienced at walking roofs, at one time or another, you’ve gotten yourself into a situation that you shouldn’t have and you were scared. Why don’t you describe it?

Hello Kenton first off I am not capable of making anyone on this board do anything if that was the case there would be a few that I would make them shut their pie hole.
I have never been on a roof that scared me so I can not describe the feeling:mrgreen::wink:

You know as well as I do that skimpy SOP’s allow for inspecting from anywhere but on the roof and there are Fat Boys out there trying to be inspectors that use every excuse imaginable not to walk on any roofs even flat ones.

**My business policy is to find a reason to do something not a reason not to do it. Peroid **:wink: