Tower Hill 4point

Have to do a 4point next week using the tower hill form. I have a pdf of Rev5/2009, is this the newest one? Couldn’t find anything else on the tower hill site. Thanks


I just made this one fillable.
I haven’t tested it completely, so if you find any errors let me know.
It doesn’t have any securities set. So change it as you wish.

I sure appreciate it.

Use this one I just added photo slots.
Let me know if it is ok.

I find it interesting that “cloth wiring” isn’t asked…

And, they ask for Mold Evidence. How many are going to answer that one?

I still use the InterNACHI 4pt. When ever someone has tower hill the agent calls me asking for under sink photos and thats the only extra thing they need.

I recently did a 4 Point for Tower hill and used the Homegauge template that I made. I added some photos under the sinks and of the washing machine connections. It went through without any problem. I do the same for Citizens but without the undersink photos. Same thing. no kick backs yet.

Would you be willing to share those templates?

Roy Lewis you’re awesome, this worked out pretty good. I really appreciate it. A couple questions, how can I create for picture pages like you did, what program did you use, I only have the reader. Also every time I click in one of the fields it says, “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item” It then lets me add in my writing in the field, but every field I click goes through this first, hoe can I get rid of it? Thanks again.

Sorry for the delay John. I have shared the template before and I sent you a copy then.

I started with HGs 4 point template and made it more like what I was using. I simply made a section for each area on the 4 point, roof, hvac etc. I included all the things from the pdf form that I used before in the styles and materials and I. insert any photos that apply in the individual sections. When I print the report, I have HG insert page breaks after each section so it doesn’t split things up.

Also, I print it to a pdf and send it that way because I didn’t like the look of it when printed through HG. I will be happy to send a copy of the template to anyone. Just send me an email.

Ed I just worked some of the bugs out of the form.
Try this one out.
I use Lifecycle to make the forms.

I create an Image box for the pics.

Can you make forms with selectable items like a drop down list? I use excel now for my regular inspection and have an entry tab and it populates all the pages for the report by section. Wonder if this could do something similar?

This can be done with Lifecycle. Here is a page that has some examples. Most of my four point is dropdown.

You can do almost anything with Adobe Professional/Livecycle.
I have an inspection report that I did in Excel, so I understand what you are trying to do. It can be done, but takes a bit if programming and trial and error.

You can make drop down lists and when you do, make sure you check the tab that allows you to add items to the list.

For you, what you would do is to clear out all of the data you add in your excel form.
Then make a “clean” pdf of that.
Then, go to Adobe Professional and have it automatically create text boxes for everything. This way, everything will be lined up where you want it. If it misses a few text boxes, add them manually.
When you get everything the way you want it, open Livecycle and change the text boxes to dropdown boxes and add the drop down selections.

Is there a way I can save this file once Ive filled it out, just had another one of these and I can only save a blank, or have to print it out then scan it like last time? I would like to save it then make a PDF like I do in Export in Excel. Is there a way? Again thanks as always guys!

Hit print then in the printer options hit Adobe PDF. Then it will be saved as a pdf and not a template.
Make sure you only print the pages you need. Sometimes you may have a last page with no pics and you wouldn’t want that page saved.

I thought that too but my windows 8 laptop doesn’t have that option?

Do you have just the reader on your LT ?