Townhome Wind Mit

I have a question about the Citizens OIR-1802. A townhome with Impact rated windows in their unit ONLY, and other units under the same roof with no rated windows. The insurance agent says “we and the insurance company only care about unit #12, not numbers 8,9, or 11”. I interpret the form (category 7. Opening Protection: What is the WEAKEST form of wind-borne debris protection installed on the structure) to be asking about protection on the “ENTIRE STRUCTURE”. Am I wrong? I ask because of what the agent said about "we only insure that unit and its contents, so we don’t care about the other people’s units. To my mind, the structure is the complete thing, and if an opening is compromised the uplift loads change for the entire roof, no matter which opening of which unit in the building (structure). I don’t want my customer to pay any more than is necessary, but I feel to fill out the form correctly, I have to mark X for windows and doors. In other words, Is my definition of “structure” appropriate for this application? FWIW, this all started because said agent asked why the wind mit from 2010 (from a different person (contractor, not inspector) listed impact-rated windows for the same unit with a pic of the etching/label on the glass with tempered, not laminated markings-no MDCA on the frame. The same contractor marked clips, and I documented double straps with multiple pics to verify nailing from all sides. I think I made the right call, but I wanted to know what other’s opinions are. Thanks for all you help

Yes, the agent is correct. When doing a WM on a single unit of a multi-family building, the opening protection survey is for that unit only.

Damn, mister. That’s twice in two weeks that you’ve set me straight. When I looked at the 1802 after your last comment, I realized that the second option of toe nails was “metal connectors that do not meet the requirement”. You are a good asset to the MB. Thanks

I’m just gettin started. :cool: