TP Party Candidate....Vote for Me

I’m convinced that we have too much government in our lives.

I’ve been bombarded with the ads and have come to understand that the government that governs least…governs best.

Thus…I am running on the TP Party Ticket for Congress.

Vote for me and I promise…if I elected…I will go to Washington and I will do absolutely nothing.

I will not answer my phone, vote on issues, or show up for work. I will do nothing and I will encourage as many of my fellow elected representatives to do the same.

We will collect our pay in the same manner as other government employees and we will end the intrusion of government in people’s lives.

Remember…on voting day…Vote for the TP Party Candidate. You’ll have to look hard to find him for most of us are not even going to bother to campaign…just to demonstrate how little we plan to do.

It’s your country. Act now to put people in power who will do nothing but draw their pay and stay out of your business.

Hey, you could vote “Present” your entire political career and become President!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

You got my vote for the Nobel Prize!

I think James is highly qualified to do this.

Ya know, this is the first time I saw John say something that was orginal, not a cut and paste from Fox and actually made me laugh! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa John!

Mail your campaign donations to:

The Committee to Have Everyone in Government Do Absolutely Nothing
PO Box 742
Cassville, Missouri 65625
Dan Quayle, Chairman

That’s funny. Dan Quayle misspelled one word while in office, potato, yet Obama can mispell the word advice and incorrectly pronounce corpsman (correctly pronounced cores-man) three times during a speech, and you choose Quayle for your little spoof

Not so quick pardner… As a Tea Party Candidate ain’t you obligated to undo all of the progress of the last two hundred years and restore Colonial America to it’s white roots, furthermore where is your three-corner hat? :roll:

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe Jim is running as a TP Party candidate and not a Tea Party candidate. This makes sense, being the @sswipe that he is. :p:D

Seems about right.:wink:

I do respect Jim and consider him a friend. Just to be clear, my comment above is a razz, directed at Jim’s intial joke of a post.

I cannot be offended by what is true. :wink:

But in keeping with the spirit of my campaign promises…I would do nothing about it even if I was offended. Doing nothing is what this candidacy is all about.

The government that governs least governs best.

Elect me, folks…and I promise…within three months, you will be delivering your own mail.

So those who swear to defend the constitution are promoting racism?

If I were a Tea Party Candidate, you are absolutely right. But I am not.

I am a TP Party Candidate.

The only movement you see in Washington D.C. will be our bowels. We will do absolutely nothing.

Our appeal is to the citizen who says that the government has no business being in his life. The government that governs least governs best…and I promise you, there will be no one who will govern less than a TP Candidate.

We will only show up to work to collect our pay. We will remove the check from its envelope and throw the envelope on the floor so that someone else…other than we, who do nothing…can pick it up and throw it away.

(Our motto): No more war. No more taxes. No more mail.

I think nothing would be a good thing.

No funding.

No budget.

No nothing.

When the Democrats get shown the door this November the best we can hope for is complete grid lock.

I’m staging a rally, tonight, in Columbia, Missouri.

Please be there. I won’t be there, though. I’ll be at home writing a report from this afternoon’s energy audit. I have nothing to say about the nothing I plan to do when elected.

But we do need your money. Send in what you can.

you would be more electable if you promised to have a transparent administration, commit to change and implore the hope theme to your campaign.

I’m thinking nothing is beter than what we got now but since us taxpayers are subsidizing your earnings via energy audits anyway, just use some of that money for your campaign. :wink:

I’m with you 100%.

Heres a hundie for ya. spend it wisely

Starting next month, Missouri will refund the cost of an audit up to $500 and will continue the program through the winter. I should be keeping pretty busy with them…but I assure you, I will never be too busy to do nothing for the people who vote for me.

No more war. No more taxes. No more mail.