Tpi 725a gas detector: is it enough?

What you want is equipment that can be calibrated. Any sensor that is cheap and cannot be calibrated can result in a false positive or not detect something that’s there. So if you want a professional tool that will make you money and avoid court visits, start by looking to see if the detector can be calibrated either with a self kit or by sending to the manufacturer.

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I literally have been doing hours and days and months of research on the tools to purchase to get up and going and thinking about buying the “tool kit” from inspector outlet and now researching the gas detector and I hold InterNachi forum in a higher regard than online advice/reviews and to see these responses is disheartening and disgusting. Thanks for asking the “stupid” question Jesse cause I would have if you didn’t… and believe me my responses would have not been as respectful as yours! P.S. the cost isn’t a factor (for me at least, thank you God) and we’re not trying to be cheap (my funds are sufficient :hugs:) but this forum question was part of DOING THE RESEARCH! Hope you are having tremendous success in your business Jesse! Cheers!

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Little point in A combustible gas detector if your not in the trade. Just use your nose. If you really need to spend money buy a personal CO detector. Can’t smell CO and it’s more likely to benefit you and your client.