TPR discharge vented ?

Am I overthinking this?

I do not know why there is a vent(?)

Any ideas why this would have been plumbed this way ?


Yes if you are near the tank and it discharges with out the pipe to 6 " from floor you can get badly burnt .

Thanks …

any idea why the additional pipe?

I see no purpose…

How about a photo so we know what you are actually talking about!


Not allowed. Period.

There’s a ton of them here like that. The house is usually 15-20 years old when I find them. I’m not sure what happened then that so many plumbers started to do it, but it’s wrong.

I cannot wrap my head around the why.

Now I think you would get the message immediately if the tank over heated and you where next to it when the Scalding water landed on the top of your head…
Its a safety feature to help people not get burnt .
Please read this .

I’ve never figured out why. I think Kenny Hart explained the thought process behind it once, but I can’t remember.

No “T” fittings permitted

A variation of a freeze tee perhaps? See article section Discharge Pipe Issues, paragraph 9.

Still I don’t know why it would be upward like that. And, as Juan stated, it looks like a plumber installed it - with some reasoning behind it. Never seen anything like that. Strange indeed.

I can only make a wild GUESS as to why someone would pipe the TP relief drain wrong.
Maybe they thought that the main drain pipe might get plugged with ice or something so they put an overflow up higher that would not be effected under normal relief drainage.

But still it could have gone up, then back down near the floor.