TPR Valve

I’m just going through some old pictures and thought I’d share with you all. Thoughts, feedback, interesting theories is what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance everyone!

Florida contractor install? :wink:

Pretty well self-explanatory, if you ask me. :twisted:

What is that in the fourth picture?

Could it be a reverse hammer for pulling dents out of a car door?//

That’s called DIY . And hope that it’s gonna work or cotinue to work . :smiley:

A few comments about these:
#1. How do you word your comments?
#2. I see a lot of these. I usually put something like “Shower set up may be detrimental to floor joists and sub-floor above. Proper shower ceiling with fan/ventilation recommended to protect wood above”…or something like that.
#3. The safety TPR valve will work properly…just not the preferred installation.
#4. Unidentified. I took this a few years ago and don’t exactly remember the rest of the set-up, I believe this was connected the hot water heating system in a house around 80-90 years old.