TPR Valves

Do we operate them

We don’t Those who do are frequently sorry they did.

No… hell no… no frickin’ way no… ‘not even with your dikc’ NO!!!



Can’t you make up your mind?

I voted my mind. The banter is for BK’s benefit, (the sh*t stirrer he is)!

Hope he’s got a big paddle. :wink:

Missing a box for hellllll NO!

Samuel, next Poll will have that as a choice. :smiley:

And Jeffrey, ty for all of you answers.

No, although I usually try to determine if the test handle is frozen
with light pressure if it’s a very old unit or looks suspicious.

My friends call me Dave :wink:

Awwwwwwwww… Ain’t that cute! :vomit:

IKR :roll:

Well the consensus seems to be no. I would agree. I found out that in Texas they are required to open it.

Brian glad to see you, but I thought you retired from HI

I had to replace the last TPR I tested, because after the test it would not stop dripping water . Fortunately it was in my own hot water heater - but it taught me not to try this any where else. :slight_smile: