Ran into one of these today doing a 4 point…

Anybody know what citizens will do? 17 yr old signature hot water tank.


Sounds like someone will need a DP3 policy…

…what the heck is a dp3 policy?

Plumbing is not covered in a DP3 policy.

Maybe nothing…if it is in a non living area.
The drain tube needs to be the same size as the outlet though. 3/4 " rigid metal or cpvc

I quit trying to guess long ago. Did a 1980s water heater on back porch with exposed wire, no romex clamp at heater entry…they got a letter requiring a GFCI be installed in KItchen…no mention of water heater!

Ask Meeker he should know

About what? The DP3 or the TPR? :twisted:

So insurance is still attainable no matter the condition…the policy just excludes the component that is defective .

Is there a policy that excludes roofs, electrical, etc…


Not sure about Roofs and Electrical. However, Citizens offers the DP3 policies that do not cover plumbing failures and damage from plumbing failure. Often selected by homeowners with Galvanized pipe, or other components that can be expensive to insure.

Thanx Jay and everyone who answered…

Makes me feel better knowing that insurance is attainable even with known defects .