TPREIA Annual Conference and Educational Event in Montgomery, TX on Oct 21-22, 2011.

Planning to be there for Day 2.


This is going to be a great educational event! TPREIA and InterNACHI members are attending. Still time to sign up. Great teaching, education, locations, in-field training, all meals included. What are you waiting for??? Come on and get involved.

Watch for BIG news release October 21, 2011 concerning Texas Inspectors!!!

There is still a little room left for InterNACHI members to attend at members prices. Includes all meals, great training and 16 TREC CEUs.


Tomorrow is the big day… and big announcement.

The TPREIA educational conference and annual meeting is outstanding. We are going into day two of on-location phase construction inspections and the classes are awesome!

TPREIA has also inducted 5 Texas Inspectors into the “Texas Inspectors Hall of Fame”. Please join with us in congratulating Larry Foster, Ronald Givens, Fred Buck, Paul Roebuck and Mike Cothran on being award this distinguished honor as recipients of the “Texas Inspectors Hall of Fame”.

TPREIA also announced the joining of hands with InterNACHI in becoming the Texas connection for InterNACHI. Congratulations to Nick Gromicko, Texas InterNACHI Members and TPREIA Members!

Great things are going to happen in 2012!!

TPREIA and InterNACHI join as one team…

**TPREIA and InterNACHI are now joining together for Texas Inspectors! **

The Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association (TPREIA) and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors has announced that an agreement has been reached that will form an alliance between the two Associations in the State of Texas.

TPREIA is now “The Texas Connection for InterNACHI” and will represent all Texas Members of both Associations with one voice. Texas Licensed Inspectors and Consumers will all benefit from this accomplishment with the combined educational and training efforts.

Our Associations Joint Mission Statement is…

To advance the Texas Real Estate Inspection industry; to recognize and promote Real Estate Inspection as a distinct profession; to provide leadership through education and to maintain ethical and technical standards; to enhance consumer protection and promote public awareness of the Industry and the Association.

While InterNACHI and TPREIA will be uniting to work for the good of the Texas Inspection Industry, each Association will continue to be Independent.

What this means to both Association’s Membership…

  • InterNACHI Members will received a FREE Membership into TPREIA.
  • TPREIA Members will received a FREE Membership into InterNACHI.
  • Members will enjoy benefits and educational events from BOTH Associations.
  • State Chapters events can merge their efforts and be beneficial to all Texas Inspectors.
  • Texas Inspectors will benefit with a joint effort at the TREC, TAR and at the State on legislative matters.

We are excited to see such a great development for Texas Inspectors! If you have waited to join an Association or are new in the inspection business, there is no better time to take advantage of this great move and to join either TPREIA or InterNACHI.

To take advantage of this special offer, we encourage all InterNACHI Members to join TPREIA now by clicking on the following link.

TPREIA Founding President was inducted into the “Texas Inspectors Hall of Fame” this past weekend at the TPREIA Annual Conference. Paul is a Master Inspector, an InterNACHI Certified Inspector, An ASHI Certified Inspector, an ICC Combination Residential Certified Inspector and has been a TREC Inspector for two decades plus various other professional certifications.

Inspections is becoming recognized as a true Profession in Texas!

TPREIA has made history this past weekend in a number of ways! If you could not attend this conference, you really missed it.

  1. Texas Hall of Fame Awards Issued to inductees. First time ever!
  2. TPREIA 2012 President, Brenda Roebuck is the FIRST women to ever be the President of an Inspectors Association! Congratulations Brenda!
  3. TPREIA has the largest number of lady Inspectors in the State. You go girls!
  4. TREC License #1, Ronald Givens was in attendance and also awarded the Texas Hall of Fame Award along with Larry Foster, Fred Buck and Mike Cothran. Congratulations to all 5 2011 inductees. We are proud of you!
  5. Last but not least, TPREIA and InterNACHI announced that they have joined up to work together for Texas Inspectors. TPREIA is now the Texas Connection for InterNACHI. InterNACHI members and chapters will now be provided local assistance and leadership to make good become better.


Great Conference! Learned a great deal from all of the knowledgeable instructors and fellow inspectors.


Am I the only Texas Inspector that missed this due to bow hunting season? :smiley:

Hey John, I have a question for you about bows. I know nothing about them. What bow would you choose as a weapon? Not a bow for hunting, but one for defense or combat?

Hey Nick,

As far as I can tell, the gun has superseded the bow for combat effectiveness :D.

I understand that the Chinese equip some military and police units with crossbows. Why they do that, I do not know. In my opinion, the value of a bow is in it’s stealth.

I agree. I love that they’re silent compared to the quietest firearm. Ear protection not required.