TPREIA/InterNACHI Convention at Texas A&M on Oct 15-16, 2016. Our largest Texas event

I’m doing a home inspector marketing presentation at this event. Please come.

This event has changed venue due to larger attendee numbers. We have moved it to the Brazos County Expo Center in College Station, Texas. Inspectors from across the U.S.A. Are invited to the two day event.

I have been to a few of Nicks’ presentation. Nick is awesome and can certainly help you grow your business. If you are looking for fresh marketing ideals, this glass is for you! Thanks Nick for coming to Texas!

Paul …

Went all over their site and could not find an address ???


Here is a link to what you are looking for at their website.

Nolan …

I’ve been at the Class on A&M campus before for codes. You got any idea how far this might be from there??

You see Aaron’s base rate is now $549 for home & termite up to 2499sf

Address of event.

I would have to look at Google maps to see how they are specifically located.

I’ve sent you an e-mail at the Yahoo address I had for you. I won’t discuss HI fees on any forum.

I did a EIFS moisture inspection on a 40,000sf / 2-story commercial building this morning. The buyer wanted to know how come I was so high … The other guy (an ashi member) had quoted him $450.

You just wanta cry … The ONLY reason I got the job was his insurance company insisted he use me NOT the $450 guy.

Anybody familiar with the Expo Center. I’ve been down there for other TPREIA events on the A&M campus … Real close to a lot of hotels.

Looking on Google and calling hotels in the area they keep saying its out in the country about 15 minutes. Not sure which 3-4 hotels are closest.

Anybody else tried looking yet.

Dan nice to have a reputation like that well deserved .

I will be teaching our full 16 hrs Infrared Class at this event.

2 Day Texas IR Class, Oct 15-16

TREC Approved 16 hrs CE

Largest INTERNACHI event ever held in Texas

Inspectors from all over are coming.

They changed the venue because of the crowd.

Cost = $160 (but remember… my students get $100 their renewal fee).

John …

You started looking at hotels. It looks like the Expo Center is a ways out of town.

Right in my backyard. Unfortunately, I’m going to be out of town.

I found my hotel several weeks ago. See you there.

I look forward to attending this class for certification/CE hours. My questions is: How long after completion will I receive CE hours/certificate? My TREC license is up for renewal Jan 2017 and I will need to quickly send CE hours to the state. Thank you.

TPREIA will be handing out the certificates for the CE’s. Most conventions I have been through … everyone gets their certificates near the end of the day. You have to contact them to confirm this, but this has been my experience in time past.

InterNACHI sets the conditions for the INFRARED CERTIFIED designation. See …

John …

What one did you find and how far away is it?

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John …

(979) 704-6470

Nice place… low price.